• A Sunny Day

    The 2nd February, Amandine (a friend from ESDES) and me enjoyed the lovely weather of this day; we went to the rail station in order to get a ticket to go to Preston on Wednesday. Indeed we have taken an appointement there in order to get our insurance number to be able to work in the UK.

    A Sunny Day


    A Sunny Day

    After, as the weather was not bad we walked near the Lancaster Castle and The 


    Priory Church of St Mary. We took beautiful pictures.



    The Priory Church was open so we entered it.


    A Sunny Day 

    The Priory Church is very big and beautiful, it seems very warm for a Church and there are two heavenly organs. We had luck to be able to hear people playing organ. It was very great, the son of organs is both so mighty and mild.

    The Priory Church was formerly called St Mary's Church Lancaster, it is the parish church of Lancaster. Its origins are Saxon and Roman.

    A Sunny Day

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    Mercredi 24 Avril 2013 à 19:23

    c'est sympa comme présentation, ça à l'air d'être plutôt sympa par chez toi :)


    c'est vraiment bien fait, facile à comprendre et l'animation est plutôt sympa aussi. ça mets dans l'ambiance

    Mardi 12 Février 2013 à 12:48


    Au cas ou on aurait pas compri que tu aimais le vert hein... :)

    Les photos sont jolies et au moins tu as du beau temps! Ici, au début il faisait nuit à 16h!! 


    Profite bien, bisous bisous :)

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