• Artistic life

    In this article, I will more talk about artistic life in Lancaster and London, the two cities where I stayed in.

    First, let's talk about Lancaster!

    Music and concerts

    We can find in Lancaster, many of pubs where we can go to listen to a live music. Musician people are invited to perform in the pubs, when they want and for free.

    For the moment I went only once to a pub where there was a music live. It was really nice, they wasn't a prepared stage for them, it was just a group of friends who came to play music together. The funny thing was that everyone came when he wanted and joined the performance after getting a drink and preparing his musical intrument.

    There are also some concerts organized by the Dukes.

    In the pedestrian street, we can hear some music from one person or a group of musician. It is quite lovely to be able to hear some live music when you walk in the street, and it warms the heart while you are braving the British cold... ^^


    It exists two theatres in Lancaster, the Dukes Theatre and the Grand Theatre.


    You ca find two different cinemas in Lancaster! One is more dedicated to alternative movies (The Dukes cinema) and the other one to International and more common movies.

    Art galleries and museums

    Lancaster city museum

    The City museum is located in the Lancaster city centre. Here you can discover more about the past of the city from the Romans. You also learn the pedigree of Lancaster' regiment from 1680.

    Judges' lodgings

    Find the Lancaster's oldest town house at the bachdrop of Lancaster castle anf Lancaster Priory. And Enjoy seeing a renowned collection of Gillow furniture, fine art and the Museum of Chilhood which presents toys and games from the 18th to the present.

    The cottage museum

     Nearly the Lancaster Castle and the Judges' Lodgings is the Cottage Museum where you can discover how was the Victorian life and which ustensils and gadgets people used in the 19th century. The house is spread over 5 floors.


    London is the capital of England, so it is an attractive city. London offers plenty of activities and things to do and see.
    Let me demonstrate it in introducing some amazing and funny activities for this summer 2013!

     From the 1st of June until the 30th is occuring the London Festival of Architecture  which is a "citywide celebration of architecture. It spreads across various locations where open studios, public realm installations, performance and others activities are taking place.

    From the 10th of June to the 18th of August, ther is the Royal Summer Exhibition which is the largest regular contemporaru art exhibition in the world which allows anyine to submit its work. It is taking place at the Royal Academy's great courtyard.

    The Hampton Court Palace Festival is taking place in the open air court of King Henry VIII's palace from the 13th June to the 24th June.

    Enjoy major works of the French post-Impressionist artist Paul Gauguin from the 20th June to the 8th September at the Courtauld Gallery. The exhibition presents paintings, works on paper, and two marble scultures.

    From 23rd June to 26th of July is occuring the City of London festival which provides a summer programme of music, visual arts, films, walks and talks.  You can enjoy the festival in the St Paul's Cathedral, St Paul's Churchyard and other outdoor spaces for free.

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