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    In order to get my semester I have to valid 30 ECTS credit which corresponds to 60 CATS UK. In my University, each module generally matches 20 CATS (10ECTS credits), so I have chosen three modules:

    International Marketing Strategy,

    Enterprise and Personal Development,

    and Researching the Marketing Environment.

    I have three hours of lecture for each module, which induces nine hours per week,  my courses only occur on Monday and on Tuesday. However I have a lot of homework to do and courseworks to submit during the semester.

    We are not numerous in the modules, classes are composed by 12 or 18 students where everyone can speak and participate during the course.

    My classes assemble different nationalities, cultures, and age groupes.

    Indeed, for example in Enterprise and Personal Development there are International Students: two Malaysian, two French (me and another girl of ESDES), a German, a Netherlander, and an Indian, plus two English; there is also a woman who is working and has a family.

     The way of working is quite different from mine, in France because in England we have few lectures but we have to work by ourselves and to do research in order to deepen our knowledge about the course. As I said above, we have courseworks to submit:

    • In International Marketing Strategy we don't have a final exam but we must write a report for the 14th March and an essay for the 26th April.
    • In Enterprise and Personal Development we do not have final exam either but a report to do in 3 parts.
    • In  Researching the Marketing Environment we do have a final exam plus a report to do about the marketing searh we will do on catering customers attitudes on Lancaster Campus.


    Pictures coming soon

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