• My arrival in Lancaster!

    I went to Lancaster the Saturday 12th January. My mother went with me in order to help me to carry my luggages. We took the airline to Manchester and, arrived in Manchester we took the train to go to Lancaster.

    When we arrived in Lancaster Rail Station, we took a taxi to go to the campus. I picked up my room's key and after we went to my residence which is located off campus. I discovered my floor which was not really tidy. But my room was great.


    My arrival in Lancaster!


    In my residence I have to share bathrooms, toilets and kitchens with the entire floor (We are 12 students by floor). It  is not very easy and I am not completely comfortable for the moment because I am not used to live "in community". Because actually, I live on my own in Lyon for my studies in my own flat without having to share anything with someone else...

    After tidying my clothes and other affairs in my room, I went to visit the city.

    Lancaster is a tiny and lovely town.

    Even though the city is relatively small, we can find many of clothing stores, telephone stores and fast foods. There are also some restaurants but pubs are the most numerous! 









    About the clothing stores, I was really surprised to see a TopShop in Lancaster!

    There is a pedestrian area where the all the shop are gathered. However most of the shops are  located in two pedestrian streets in Lancaster, Penny Street and Market steet where we can find two Shopping centres: St Nicholas Arcades and Marketgate.

    The town is very lovely with cobblestone streets in the city centre, the Castle, church, the City museum... But, the city tour is quickly done actually.

    The positive point is that Lancaster is a students city which has two Universities: the Lancaster University and the University of Cumbria, so it is possible to find all a student could need! So, the student life in Lancaster seems to be nice!

    To be continued... 


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