It is an advertising for T-Mobile which was created by Saatchi & Saatchi. This video realized in 2012 was to promote the new offer: Unlimited Internet, texts, and sheld loads of calls for just 36 pounds per month!

    T-Mobile International AG is a holfing company within the German group Deutsche Telekom AG. T-Mobile brand is present in 11 countries from Europe, in the United States, Prto Rico and US Virgin Islands.

    It is a funny ad which covers 1 minute 3o seconds. In this advertising, a man introduces what Britains love with humour. In the video we can see several stereotypes that we have of Britain people but also general stereotypes that we can find in other countries and culture. So the narrator gives examples of what Britain loves for finally presenting the offer of T-mobile.

    I think we can find this type of ad in France, however few things about Britain tastes are different from French tastes.

    The target of this advertising is all the Britain people, as we can see in the video, all types of people are present, old persons, teenagers, different jobs, cultures and styles. We can easily understand which is the target with the title of the campaign which is "Giving Britain what Britain loves".

    What I find interesting and surprising is the fact that the ad is to promote a mobile offer but begin by showing seniors and a child whereas it is the persons who are the least likely to use mobile phone.

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