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    We know specific custom from England, for example English people are used to drive on the left of the road with their steering wheel on the right. Althought the UK is part of the European Union, it has refused Euro to keep its currency which is the Pound sterling.


    What symbolises England? It is of course red telephone kiosks, red post boxes, red double deck buses, black taxi cabs, Big Ben, the Royal Family, tea and even more!

    But these are other symbols that everybody does not know but important symbols of England...

    England flag The England flag called "St George's Flag"

    Three lions emblemThree lions emblem, the emblem is also on the badge of England's football team England Football emblem


    and on the badge of England's crocket team cket logo

    The red rose is recognised as the national flower of England

    National celebrations

     Here are some celebrations I could attend during my semester in England:

    Mother's day (10th March), Red nose day (15th March), Father's day (16th June), St Patrick's day (17th March), St George's day (23rd April). But we know other celebrations like Thanksgivings, Easter, Christmas day.

    St Patrick is Ireland's patron saint, so St Patrick's day is a cultural and religious day which commemorates St Patrick and also the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. And the tradition wants us to wear green colour the day of St Patrick' day. It is today a celebration known all over the world with its public parades, festivals. St Georges is England's patron saint. The red nose day is an event to collect found for the British charity Comic Relief.


    When you talk about England, you cannot forget talking about the food! Not because it is amazing and delicious, but quite original and so-so. I am sorry guys but I am French and my tastebuds are not used to the English food... ^^'

    When I came in England, I have discovered for the first time Fish & Chips, Jelly, the traditional English breakfast (composed by eggs, bacon, baked beans, sausages, fried bread and mushrooms), Yorkshire Pudding, pasta with more cheddar than pastas etc.

    English people have three main meals:

    1. Breakfast normally taken between 7am and 9am
    2. Lunch between 12pm annd 1.30pm
    3. Dinner or supper between 6.30pm and 8pm

    However the dinner can be replaced by the Tea Time taken anywhere from 5.30pm to 6.30pm.


    This year England has celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Queen coronation. It was the 4th of June 2013.

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