• Student life

    Lectures and assessments

    As I wrote in my Business courses article, I have to follow 3 modules. Actually the courses are only lectures where the teacher speaks for 3 hours about a subject. There are some interactions sometimes but it is completly different from my courses in ESDES, my French school in Lyon. Indeed, in ESDES, teachers provide very attractive courses, with exercises to do and attractive "Power point" with a lot of colours, a plan well explained...

    Here, the power points are just few words written, not colours, and sometimes not explicite plan on them. So sometimes I feel lost. in addition to it I have to concentrate in order to understand what the teacher is saying. It is another method to learn! But interesting to follow.

    About the assessement method, I have to write several reports, one essay and I have a final exam in Researching the Marketing environment.

    All the assessments are individual, which is also different from my original school. Sometimes I have to write 1500 words or 2500 about a specific topic. So we have to do a lot of reasearch, to read many of books.

    I think the learning method here is more theorical than in my Business school.

    Food and drink

    I miss French food!!

    Actually, it is very interesting to see what English people eat! Because they mix some ingredients I have never imagine to mix. For example, some students in the University mix chips and cheese 0o. I have not tried yet, and I don't think I will not try it ^^

    They like eating jelly with pieces of fruit in it. I tasted it, I didn't like it.

    In the canteen, there is always chips, vegetables are few and not emphasized. Their sausage are not sausage actually, it is more fat than ours in France, but the taste is ok.  

    As I must share the kitchen with 11 other students, I don't cook a lot. And it is a good excuse for not cooking because I don't cook very well, so I often eat to the canteen. So, I must confess, I eat fat! ^^

    Parties and other activities

    We are a few International students in the University of Cumbria. The International department sometimes organise some trips to walk and visit the countryside.

    About the students parties, actually there are two main night clubs: the Elements and the Sugar House. Both are situated closed to each other.


    To get attrative prices when I travel, I bought the Railcard for the 16-25 persons. The card allows me to have 30% off on a ticket prices! I paid it 38 pounds and I have "reimbursed" it with 5 trips.

    The first trip is when I went to Preston.

    After I visited Manchester for shopping.

    The third and the fourth trips were to go to Liverpool.

    The last one for the moment, is the trip to Edinburgh where I passed 3 days and 2 nights!


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